10 months and Daddy is ranting

Rizq is 10 months now

It’s 3.16 am and I find it hard to sleep. Long story short, Rizq’s mom is a bit unwell, so daddy need to take care Rizq a bit more today. Nothing’s wrong with that. It’s a bit like that. There are days where I collapse by the end of working hour and needed a nap, so mommy need to take over.

Honestly, life changed a lot when you have a baby. Now Rizq is at the age of climbing up on his walker, so that is super dangerous. Which means that we need to look at him when he is on his walker. Well, I’ll find a way so that he cannot fall out of it, soon. Need to go to some babyshop to find stuff I want to try on him.

On a different note, Rizq is huge for a 10 month old baby. I am happy with that because he looks so mushy-mushy and the fact is, I always want to be bigger for my entire life. So having a son that is bit plump is good by my standard. But I know that life can be quite cruel.

I mean, who I am kidding. I got the ‘you look skinny’ for almost my entire life. And not a compliment skinny. Basically the ‘you haven’t eat much’ kind of skinny. And if Rizq grow up and be a bit meaty, he perhaps will get the ‘you look fat’ thingy. Nevermind, I’ll remind him that other people’s opinion should not matter.

Which bring to the next part. As Rizq is turning 10 months, people start talking about ‘the next baby’. As I said, ‘people’s opinion does not matter’. It does annoy me more often than I like when people keep pushing their idea on us, but I guess I just need to let go.

I guess I also did that ~ thinking that my idea is the best ~ so I suppose that I got my fair share when people keep suggesting me this and that including when Rizq should have sibling.

I mean, it easier to ask of course when you are not the one who experiencing it. By all mean, these people who are asking might be way stronger than I am, in term of having kids. Here I am, juggling between works, managing money, managing vacation, and taking care of a family and it is taking a whole lot for me. I mean, it is fair. If I have to do some programming, I would most likely enjoy it, but for some people, they may be crying all weekend to finish such assignment.

My point is, everyone has their own strength. For now, taking care of a baby takes my entire energy which make me getting annoyed easily when people ask such question. A disclaimer, I do enjoy taking care of Rizq and grateful for being blessed with a baby, albeit tired that I cant even sleep as clock is getting closer to 4 am now.

However, for those of you who love to ask ‘when is the next baby?’ to some random or non-random people, let step back and stop asking those question. It is really annoying. For me, we will have it when we have it, planned or accidental, next year or 7 years to come, and it should not bother you.

This is another reason why I missed those western countries. For instance, I had 3 weeks vacation in Canada, twice, and not once did anyone asked me when I was going to get married and settle down. Here in my lovely country that I love its weather, food and people inside it, I can meet someone random and they will be nosy like they have known me forever.

Enough ranting. I need some sleep even if I am not sleepy..

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