End of a year

31st December.

What a year. If I am recapping me, I could still remember that:-

-first few months, January of 2012, I was aiming to finish up my writing of my thesis by March. That was actually when my time is up. 4 years I was in Durham.

February, I joined the beginner street dance group performing for the Durham Uni dance show.

-Even joined a university tournament for Frisbee in March for the very first time (and final time, sadly). But March came up and I still needed some time to touch up my thesis here and there. That’s the thing about thesis writing, bit tricky to set a date and get it right on that time. Oh well, probably if I didn’t dance and play Frisbee through my January and February, I would get much work done. But I probably spent those time sitting in my room feeling miserable for not completing my thesis yet at the time, so no regret :P

-So I finally finished my writing in May and submitted it.

-End of May I was home and started working in USM. I was waiting for my viva to be scheduled. USM students was away for the summer break so basically there’s nothing much happening in USM.

– However, I did the camp with my pet school – SMK Labu Besar. So House of Pumpkin was done in July. And what do you know, they called me back for viva during month of Ramadhan which is late July and actually during Olympic time. So I went back til mid August. Once I said to myself, if I actually finished all of this (PhD study), the success is not because of me. It’s all from Him. And to this day, I believe that. And Alhamdulillah, I passed.

– So August is raya and all…

– … leading towards September where I gave my first lecture ever. Did it for 8 weeks until the second lecturer of the course took over.

– And just like that, it was November. In between that time, I’ve rejoined debate, went to a debate tournament as a judge, went for trips to Singapore and Thailand.

– and today it’s 31st December.

This year had been a roller-coaster one. As you just read up there, it’s drastically change month by month.

So yeah. I’m actually hoping for a much relaxing year ahead, one that I don’t have to worry much about a lot of different stuff, but well, if I’m old enough to realize – that’s not going to be the case.

So, whatever…

I wish you guys Happy New Year then.