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Make Believe

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Last few weeks is a big roller coaster. That’s honest.

I’ve lost few important people from my life. I gain new friendships and met new amazing people. So pretty much put me in a high and low.

My Pak Ndak passed away few weeks ago. I’ve cried on the way going back to Merbok. Then a week after that, Rosmin’s dad passed away. I attended the funeral and still it reminded me of Pak Ndak. Last week mom called me right after I finished Asar prayers at USM mosque. Wa (mak long) passed away. I couldn’t hold my tears but I manage to run back to my office, close the door, and cried it out while I was sitting down on the floor (well, I’ve gotta make it sounds dramatic, right?)

In the meantime, as it was semester break, I manage to do another HoP project with SMK Labu Besar. This time we went a bit crazy and do few different rounds. We did the selection for crewmember, and then audition for the participants, and then the real HoP and just few days ago, we did the aftermath show, which is the participants of HoP performing for the whole school.

It was great. Was reunited with my friends Rosmin, Mahadi and Kak Khalidah together with the alumni which had been crazy bout this stuff as well.

And after it all over, I’ve met new faces which definitely leave marks in my heart. They come with different stories and usually inspire me to be better. Missing them a lot, oh well..

There you go, faces of HoP 4, my 10th year doing this with SMKLB. Definitely worth it.