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Somebody To You

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Seems like a lot of good things are happening?

Yeah and no.

Too much drama behind the scenes. One which I’m not exactly a part of but I have to be involved in some ways.

Takleh cerita.

But let’s go to some of good stuff.

Lusa raya, InsyaAllah. Which I’m looking forward to.


2 weeks time for Europe Trip. Also I’m looking forward to.


My friend dah compose a new song of mine. Yeay! Kalau ada masa boleh lah shoot video kat Europe nanti.


Lepas raya ni nak release video baru. Lagu cover.


Belum Ku Temu – the novel dah hantar kat publisher. Ada part kena betulkan so we’ll see on that.


Oh, Short+Sweet Festival. I’m on it! Check out here.

That’s pretty cool right?

Anyway, lagu yang aku tengah layan di ketika ini…