Turning 30 felt nice.

Of course if I think turning 30 by local culture, that’s a massive downfall on my side. The question of marriage subsided, but that’s before they know I’m turning 30. When they heard, then it come again like moth to fire.

Of course I was taught to live with┬áhumility. Otherwise the demon side of my brain would lash such unkind word when people keep asking and planning about my life. For instance, I could reply the question of ‘when are you gonna get married’ with ‘so, when are you gonna get PhD’.

But that sounds cocky. And of course, there’s friend of mine who have PhD, married with 2 beautiful daughters.

And having PhD doesn’t imply anything. Fortunately enough I have 1 PhD student under my supervision, and I admit that there are a lot of stuff that he research which I don’t really understand that well. Understand just a bit, I would say. And having PhD just making me realise that there are a lot of things that I do not know. That in no way I should be proud of having one. Two years pass by, and some students still calling me sir. In fact I’m going to my first class of this semester this Tuesday and I’m going to remind them to keep calling me ‘sir’. It’s a good reminder.

Well, I do use the ‘Dr’ title for my advantage sometimes. But that’s just to get bit better treatment on flight. Coz once I put ‘Dr’ in title to fly to Singapore using JetStar, they put me in the front seat because of that. No one needs to know I’m not a medical doctor, aite?

So turning 30 felt great.

I feel content. InsyaAllah I’ll move to my own place very soon. I’ve ticked Ireland as a new country I visited during my Europe trip. I’ve ticked Dublin, Cork and Den Haag as the new cities I’ve been. See.. those kind of things does make me feel happy.

And I’ve had an awesome birthday celebration.

I went to Alor Star and celebrated with the SEAYLP kids. One of the kid, Sasi also share the same birthday as I am.

Then, I had gathering with Kak Khalidah, Mahir and Rosmin in Sungai Petani. It’s good to catch up with close friends during my special day.

After that, I went out with mom and dad and had some supper in mamak. Oh, in the morning, mom cooked maggi goreng for me. It’s one of my favourite mom’s food.

And then I slept like 12 hours! It’s good to wake up late on Sunday :D

So yeah.

It’s good being 30 :D

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