Happy New Year everyone.

It’s 2014!

2013 is really not a bad year in term of travelling.

I’ve been to several places, revisiting and exploring new cities.

Went to Brunei. Had amazing times with Bruneians who I was so close with back in Durham. Well, the video clips of us singing proved it, aite?

Took mom and dad to Langkawi. Mom and dad love travelling, therefore, it’s just natural that their boy loves it too.

Got on rides in Universal Studio Singapore and swam in Marina Bay Sands infinity swimming pool, but that’s one topless picture and students are peeking this blog, so… not gonna put it here:P

Snorkeling in Tioman after a night walk in Melaka.

Exploring the not-so-famous-but-yet-so-historical Pula, Croatia. Yes, it’s a colloseum, and nope, it’s not in Rome.

A few hours visit in Rijeka, Croatia and enjoyed amazing cakes!

Taking a stroll around Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Hiking High Tatras in Slovakia, visiting amazing spas and magical castle.

Went back to Durham for a graduation ceremony!

And flying to Ibiza, Spain.

Feeling the expensive side, that is Sydney, Australia. Seriously, mineral water for 3 dollars (bout RM10)??

And experiencing the amazing haven of kangaroos in Phillip Island, near Melbourne. Maan, this is the place to be if you visit OZ.

Went to Cameron Highland and an-entire-family trip to the place I was born – Besout, Sungkai, Perak – and then dipped ourselves in Sg Klah hot spring.

And with my sis and her family, we traveled Kuching, Sibu and Bintulu.


Maaaan, that was actually a lot and I’m feeling so blessed. Hopefully, I’ll travel more this year. And that’s my new year resolution!
Oh, and definitely need to get new t-shirt. It’s so redundant in a lot of different pictures! :P

3 thoughts on “2013

  1. Perghhh. Tang baju setujup. Buy a LOTS and MORE!! Giteww

    part travel!! Sila.save date for peru bahahahhaha kalau nak laa

    anyway happy new year ;)

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