I’m back

I’m back on this blog. Tahun 2018, aku tulis kat a new blog: Tengah Hari di Darmstadt di http://amri.solarstreak.com/tengahhari

And many life turning event had happened. For instance, I’ve got married at the end of last year.

So far it’s been great.

But sometimes it’s the same story of meeting people expectations. Which is it made me miss those time in Durham and Darmstadt. Where people still talks but they are so far away that I can easily ignore. But these days, when the expectations are in the form of people around me, it’s bit harder to ignore.

Some people expect me or us to behave a certain way.

I mean, tak payah ceritalah bab nak buat kenduri kahwin tu kan. Lot of expectations.

And when we start living as husband and wife. There are days where both of us are doing okay, but suddenly became sour just because someone left a comment about something we should be doing.

Takleh nak go details sebab nanti jadi tak best. So aku bagi contoh yang aku tak offended. A friend of mine once said, ‘nanti lepas kahwin, takleh pakai begini begitu, sebab nanti orang tengok dan perasan, diorang kata bini tak pandai jaga’.

Which is maybe true. People gonna assume that.

But aku ni degil. If I look bad or terrible, it’s just because I don’t listen to my wife.

And I always tell this to my students bila bersembang fasal appearance. Orang ni, kalau dia nak cakap, kita buat apa pun dia cakap juga. So let them be.

But it’s easier to ignore when people talks about me. It’s much harder when people tell me to do things a certain way just because they like it to be done that certain way.

So in that case, I’m gonna tell you this.

You are right, but I am also right.
So let me live with my set of rules and you can live with yours.

That’s much fairer, isn’t it?


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