Welcome to my new blog

Now that I’m back in Malaysia and gonna be teaching, will there still be music, Youtube vids, vanity pics posted on the blog? Well, I choose to improve and be a better person …. by doing more of that!! Lol, jk.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog

  1. Hye Dr. Its me Ika n Mila student minor Penterjemahan in UPM.. I hav been followin ur vids on youtube since. Currently we’re doin asaimen abt Penilaian Kualiti Terjemahan, we r using ur song Kisah Cinta-Love Story by Taylor Swift. We wanna ask u, what r the probs u face when translating many of ur songs for example to find the right words n so on n how u overcome ’em.. xoxox (^.^) UPM students….

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