Tak update pun in September. Padahal it was my birthday month.

Turned 29 this year.

And sangat busy. Which is one of the reason kenapa tak update blog. Tapi sempat ja main Plants vs Zombie 2 bila bila ada masa. Well…


I don’t think age is what making me doing all the changes. The responsibility is. Sampai nak santai-santai buat lagu pun tak dapat.

Hari tu USM ada busking aka open mic session kat Dewan Budaya. Dah bagitau Andy, Dewan Budaya kata nak pergi drop by untuk berkaraoke. Tapi tak sempat.

But yeah, all of the busy-ness isn’t all terrible.

The thing is – I’m geeky. I enjoy doing everything I’m doing now.

Kadang-kadang dapat saat-saat berharga yang boleh buat aku tersenyum sendiri.

Macam hari tu.

Aku bagi kuiz kat students. 3 soalan true and false.

Sebelum aku keluar, aku cakap, ‘you know, it’s really good to go out the class and still discussing the things that we learnt’, meh, something along the line, ‘so.. I’m gonna tell you that for the first question (which is the true/false question), everything is true,’ followed by the students giving and ‘awwwhhhh’ sounds, showing dissatisfaction.

Maaan, moment like that was kinda precious. Sayang tak rakam video time tu.

Anyway, I love teaching. That moment when I can see the face of my students understanding my preaching – is precious.

Oh, and that moment when I realise that they don’t even have a freaking clue of what I said – well…. hmm….


Oh, sebab dah boleh tengok Youtube kat USM kan? So…

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