Wow, it’s already 2020 and I haven’t even care to write. Rizq is 7 months now, going 8 very soon.

One of the things that I hate to read online is those people who write about how they regret not doing this and that when they were younger.

I mean, grow up already. At a certain period of time, we choose to do a certain thing because we think that it’s the best for us during that time. You know what happen when we do not do what we think is right at that particular time, we may have gone through to a whole different level of stress and depression. We may. No one know if we will. But we are human. Our action we choose is based on what we believe in during that time.

So stop feeling regrets about stuff that happen. Cherish and value the moment that we are living.

It’s the same thing when some people came to me and say, ‘you’re gonna be this old when your kid go to school’. No no, you are not making me feel regretful for not marrying early. I am okay with that, and you should too.

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