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It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I came back from my very first US trip.

And my response had been short and simple every time my friends and colleague ask me.


Oh, for those who doesn’t know, I was selected to chaperon 5 high school kids from Malaysia to a leadership program attended by 10 ASEAN countries in Northern Illinois University, near Chicago; well not really, it actually a huge hassle to get from the university to Chicago that taking train from Durham to London sounds like a walk in the park. States is like Malaysia, you need car to get around if you live just a bit outside of the city. Oh, the cool part is they put our story in US Embassy KL website which is here. And they spell my name right! Although my father’s name is missing…

But anyway..

A lot of cool stuff that happened in the US is probably very typical stuff for American. But as I grow up to American tv, so I got a excited!

– watched Survivor on CBS!! That’s like on my aim to fulfill and I manage to do that. So watching Survivor with commercial on 7pm Central time (well I was at Washington during that time so it is 8pm) was so nice!

– walking around the neighbourhood. I got a tad excited imagining that I’m taking a walk in a street full of drama – Wisteria Lane. Well, it didn’t look exactly like that but as opposed to British housing where every house is so close to each other, the house is far apart. Reminded me of my all good times catching Desperate Housewives with my fellow friends in Durham.

– passed through Frat house. Yeay, if anything; it’s just look like stuff on tv. Loud music at night time, and they even play tug of war after sun down. That’s fun!

– Hot tub underneath the stars. This sounds fancy, and it is :P My host parents had this hot tub outside of their house so it was a cold night and I took a dip. It was so nice looking at the moon and the stars while soaking myself in the bubbly hot water.

– Sleep in a motorhouse. Well, the first family that host me didn’t have enough room so I spend a night in a motorhouse parked in front of their house. That’s a very cool experience indeed!

But a lot of amazing experience revolves around my new friends. Met amazing people and share a lot of stories.




‘Karya’ Lama

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Siapa yang pernah masuk office aku boleh perasan lah benda ni kat dinding. One of my habit is to keep my travel tickets, or event tickets or some cards as memento. Tu sebab bila aku travel, aku jarang beli fridge magnet. Maybe coz that’s ordinary enough? Everybody is doing it. Postcards too. But people rarely keep tickets.

And I suppose I like to keep stuff which seems to have significance to my life. Tu sebab bilik selalu semak (that’s an excuse, of course)

But while I was looking for a piece of paper, I found this.

How long have you been following me to recognise this ‘karya lama’ of mine?


Show Me Love (America)

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America in few days!

Apalah lagu sangat tak bersemangat kan?


I’ll be leaving to States this coming Wednesday. 3 weeks program bawah kedutaan US. Adalah hari tu diorang cari 5 high school kids dan chaperone. Aku apply dan dipendekkan cerita, ada rezeki dan terpilih.

So sejak 2-3 minggu kebelakangan ni, dok busy untuk make sure student research aku dapat some good results before I leave them. Fortunately enough, most of them did. So, lega lah jugak.

Life is good. Hari tu gi UUM sebab buat workshop Language Grooming dengan kak aku kat DPP SME Bank. Was a nice experience sebab tak pernah handle workshop sebegitu rupa sebelum ni. Agaknya memula diorang ingat kitorang nak buat style ceramah kot, sebab dia jemput kak aku dulu untuk mula.

Mana ada macam tu.. konsep kitorang ni – participants kena involve sekali. So, it was a fun day. At least from my part lah. Tak taulah kalau student-student tu having fun ke tak.

Habis workshop, ternampak ada litar go kart. So sempatlah menerai go kart untuk pertama kali.

So, boleh la perasan-perasan macam dalam cerita Need For Speed sekejap. Rasa cukup laju dah bila tengah bawa go-kart. Tapi bila tengok balik dalam video, rupanya taklah laju sangat. Macam bawak basikal kayuh laju-laju ja speed dia.


Make Believe

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Last few weeks is a big roller coaster. That’s honest.

I’ve lost few important people from my life. I gain new friendships and met new amazing people. So pretty much put me in a high and low.

My Pak Ndak passed away few weeks ago. I’ve cried on the way going back to Merbok. Then a week after that, Rosmin’s dad passed away. I attended the funeral and still it reminded me of Pak Ndak. Last week mom called me right after I finished Asar prayers at USM mosque. Wa (mak long) passed away. I couldn’t hold my tears but I manage to run back to my office, close the door, and cried it out while I was sitting down on the floor (well, I’ve gotta make it sounds dramatic, right?)

In the meantime, as it was semester break, I manage to do another HoP project with SMK Labu Besar. This time we went a bit crazy and do few different rounds. We did the selection for crewmember, and then audition for the participants, and then the real HoP and just few days ago, we did the aftermath show, which is the participants of HoP performing for the whole school.

It was great. Was reunited with my friends Rosmin, Mahadi and Kak Khalidah together with the alumni which had been crazy bout this stuff as well.

And after it all over, I’ve met new faces which definitely leave marks in my heart. They come with different stories and usually inspire me to be better. Missing them a lot, oh well..

There you go, faces of HoP 4, my 10th year doing this with SMKLB. Definitely worth it.



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Happy New Year everyone.

It’s 2014!

2013 is really not a bad year in term of travelling.

I’ve been to several places, revisiting and exploring new cities.

Went to Brunei. Had amazing times with Bruneians who I was so close with back in Durham. Well, the video clips of us singing proved it, aite?

Took mom and dad to Langkawi. Mom and dad love travelling, therefore, it’s just natural that their boy loves it too.

Got on rides in Universal Studio Singapore and swam in Marina Bay Sands infinity swimming pool, but that’s one topless picture and students are peeking this blog, so… not gonna put it here:P

Snorkeling in Tioman after a night walk in Melaka.

Exploring the not-so-famous-but-yet-so-historical Pula, Croatia. Yes, it’s a colloseum, and nope, it’s not in Rome.

A few hours visit in Rijeka, Croatia and enjoyed amazing cakes!

Taking a stroll around Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Hiking High Tatras in Slovakia, visiting amazing spas and magical castle.

Went back to Durham for a graduation ceremony!

And flying to Ibiza, Spain.

Feeling the expensive side, that is Sydney, Australia. Seriously, mineral water for 3 dollars (bout RM10)??

And experiencing the amazing haven of kangaroos in Phillip Island, near Melbourne. Maan, this is the place to be if you visit OZ.

Went to Cameron Highland and an-entire-family trip to the place I was born – Besout, Sungkai, Perak – and then dipped ourselves in Sg Klah hot spring.

And with my sis and her family, we traveled Kuching, Sibu and Bintulu.


Maaaan, that was actually a lot and I’m feeling so blessed. Hopefully, I’ll travel more this year. And that’s my new year resolution!
Oh, and definitely need to get new t-shirt. It’s so redundant in a lot of different pictures! :P


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Entri ini didedikasikan buat Mahir, sebab request entri yang drama.

Sebenarnya ada ja drama-drama yang berlaku di sekeliling. Tapi kena tapis-tapis sebab student dok usha blog ni.

Maka setelah ditapis-tapis, cerita inilah. Maaf la Mahir sebab kualiti drama tidak begitu baik. Jiwa lebih tenang sejak balik dari Durham :P


Kalau student menangis bila kena buat assignment, aku pun nak menangis jugaklah. Lama kot nak habis semak satu-satu assignment. Ni diorang nak exam lagi seminggu, baru nak habis check. Adapun beberapalah jeritan batin yang melanda diri ini ketika menyemak assignment.

1. Kenapa tak tulis guna pen?? Ini bukan zaman sekolah rendah.

2. Kenapa setakat ambil 2 titik perpuluhan?? Kalau setakat ambil satu titik perpuluhan, memang aku menangis sambil menyemak paper tu

3. Kenapa cover assignment dilukis bunga-bunga bagai?? Sedih… Sebenarnya aku dah bagitau diorang toksah letak cover page supaya mesra alam sikit. Haish

4. Kenapa lukis graf kompleks ambil 5-6 titik ja? Huhuhu.

Sekian jeritan batin.



Di ketika yang lain, adalah satu hari tu aku keluar makan kat Kapitan dengan kawan mat saleh aku. Maka berkomunikasilah aku dalam Bahasa Inggeris kan?

Sebab time tu busy, so kitorang duduk kat meja yang bercantum dengan meja sebelah. Ada lah 2-3 orang bebudak Melayu lelaki dan perempuan di situ. Aku order nan tandoori dan air teh kurang gula.

Tapi tahulah mamak kan, kalau kata kurang gula pun, banyak macam tu jugaklah.

So, aku mintak kat dia piring kosong, dan aku kautlah gula tu keluar.

Dan pada tika itu, bebudak yang dok sebelah aku tu bersuara sesama sendiri.

“Eh eh, dia bawa keluar gula tu la.”

“Kenapa ya?”

“Ko tanya la dia.”

Oleh kerana aku agak lampi pada tika itu, aku pun balas dengan sopan, “oh, ni manis sangat air ni, tu sebab buang gula.”

Dan tetiba diorang terus menunjukkan reaksi malu dan berbual dengan suara yang lebih perlahan.

Barulah aku tahu yang rupanya diorang mengutuk aku itu sebab diorang ingat aku tak tahu Bahasa Melayu. Tersentap (dan terus aku perasan yang muka ala-ala international, maybe jambang aku tu buat aku nampak macam pak arab ataupun bangla kot?) Hehe.